• Vaishnava shanthi Homam (50th Age)
  • Varuni Shanthi Homam (55 Age)
  • Ukra Ratha Shanthi Homam (59th End 60th Year)
  • Shasti poorthi Shanthi Homamor or Manivizha (60 Years End 61st Start)
  • Mritthunjaya Homam (65th Age)
  • Bheema ratha shanthi Homam (70th Age)
  • Vijayaratha shanthi Homam (Jandri shanthi)– (75th Age)
  • Sadhabisheham (Sahasra Chandra dharson) – (80th Age)
  • Kaala swaroopa showri Shanthi – (90th Age)
  • Thrayampaka mahaarathy shanthi Homam –(95th Age)
  • Maha Mritthunjaya Shanthi Homam) - (100th Age)

Homa /Shanthi is a Sanskrit word that refers to a ritual HOMA or Homam is called as “sacrifice ritual“.

The rituals carved out as part of Shanti are also referred to Ugraradha Shanthi, Bema ratha shanthi.

Vijayaratha shanthi, Roudhri ratha shanthi, kala swaroopa showri shanti, Tharayampaka Mahaarathy Shanthi

The rituals carved out as part of Shanti are also referred to as Ugraradha Santi. Ugraradha is nothing but the harsh natured time. In a hundred-year time scale of man's life, pre-sixty is a period of materialistic pursuit while the post-sixty span is slated for spiritual endeavor. The Ugraradha Shanti is a prayer sent to the heavens to make the post-sixty span a spiritually fulfilling experience.

Three different ways are chiseled to carry out the Santi aspect. They are "Sounakoktam, Bodhaayanoktam and Saivaagamoktam."

The basic elements of these three ways remain the same, though the contents vary marginally. Of all, Saivaagamokta Shanti is very elaborate and ritual-laden. Given its exhaustive scope of rituals, only a limited few like the kings and the emperors can follow it in toto, though it is not entirely ruled out for devout householders.

Shanti Celebrated at age of

  • Ukra Ratha shanthi: Conducting the age end of 59 years
  • Bheema ratha shanthi: Conducting the age of 70 years
  • Vijaya ratha shanthi: Conducting the age of 75 Years
  • Kaala Swaroopa Showri Shanthi)– (90 Years)
  • Tharayampaka Mahaarathy Shanthi - (95 years)

The Shanthi should be performed in the same year, month and on the same day of the birth according to the Indian Zodiac

This is considered to be the best option. In case it is not possible to time it exactly on the same day, allowance is given to perform it on a convenient day during and before the completion of sixtieth year.

The choice of the place to carry out this programme could be a pilgrim town, a temple, a river bank or even a householder’s residence.