we can book through online...?
Yes you can register through online. like marriage, hotels, food, Photoraphy.

What kind of payment do you accept...?
We currently accept cash payment and all credit or debit card and also net banking.
*we strightly don't accept cheques

when should we book ...?
you can book any time but least before a week. **Accommodation not applicable

what is the nearest junction thirukadaiyur...?
Nearest junction is mayiladuthurai, chidambaram and karaikal.

why should we book before marriage...?
because more than 25 birthday celebrate everyday here. so we take all arrangements before a week. include we check place availability, timing, hotels and food.

we should pay any advance?
Yes you should pay advance for booking

what is nearest navagraha temples...?
Buthan (mercury) temple at thiruvenkadu it's take 25 minutes travel and

you can also arrange accommodation food and photography...?
Yes we also arrange.

Is there any ATM available near the temple?
Yes many ATM available near the temple

how many persons will be come?
we don't mind. you can come as you wish

When is 60th Marriage or Shastiapthapoorthi performed...?
60th Marriage or Shastiapthapoorthi has to be perform on the bridegroom completing his 60 years i.e, starting of 61 years. Shastiapthapoorthi has to be perform exactly on his birth star (Jenma Nakshathra) and the match Hindu calendar.

Can Shastiapthapoorthi be performed on any convenient day?
It is should be perfom Shastiapthapoorthi on the star day (Jenma Nakshathra day). However, if you are not aware of the birth star details, this can be performed on any of your convenient auspicious day**.