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60th, 70th, 80th Marriage Booking in Thirukadaiyur in Thirukadaiyur Here The Thirukadaiyur Temple Shastiapthapoorthi Ayush Homams, Abhirami Temple Thirukadaiyur, Kanakabishegam, Pooranbishegam, Shanthi, Ayush Homam, vice Pooja Package Pooja in Thirukadaiyur. All other Accommodation, Travel, photography and Catering services Thirukadaiyur Near Sri Abhirami Amirthakadeswarar Temple

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Sri Abhirami Amirthakadeswarar Temple) Thirukadaiyur60th Marriage

About the Temple
karmakandi priests who are doing poojas from last 8 generations at thirukadaiyur temple.

All poojas rituals are scheduled during right Muhurta (auspicious time) based on your birth details.

All poojas & homam are done through proper vedic mantras, maintaining 100% count of the chanting.

This is ancient big temple in thirukadaiyur. It is the place where Lord Shiva protected Markandeya from Yama. This thirukkadaiyur temple give longevity of happy life to devotees

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One Day Packages

Package - 01
16 Kalasa Prethishtai
2 priest/iyer
Package - 02
32 Kalasa Prethishtai
4 priest/iyer
Special Melam
Package - 03
64 Kalasa Prethishtai
4 priest/iyer
Special Melam

Two Day Packages

Package - 04
16 Kalasa Prethishtai
3 priest/iyer
Package - 05
64 Kalasa Prethishtai
4 priest/iyer
Special Melam
Package - 06
64 Kalasa Prethishtai
11 priest/iyer
Special Melam

We always give a perfect touch to an event by finalizing a unique concept and then our specialists shape that concept into a remarkable structure.

we stringently take care of the arrangements such as Marriage, hotels, food and photography

We understand the importance of every marriage and how each needs to be treated differently and innovatively.

Thirukadaiyur Abirami Temple is very famous temple to celebrate the thirukadaiyur temple 60th Marriage.

The Temple is proud of having provided Pooja & Marriage for over the years.
Celebrations will occur on All day on your Birth Star.
The Hindu people believe that when a person reaches the age of 60, he has completed a full cycle of life, which calls for a grand celebration.

The history of the Thirukadaiyur 60th marriage is based on Hindu astrology. Nine Planets symbolize astrological signs.
The Hindu calendar is based the 12 signs and the five natural elements: sky, fire, water, earth and air. This results in a 60-year cycle. Following the 60th birthday, the person begins a new life.

The 60th birthday celebration is marked by special traditional it's representing a long life.

During the festivities, adult children, grandchildren and friends come together to show appreciation and give presents. Money, flowers and cakes are common gifts. The larger the family, the bigger the celebration. you can book this website or over the phone.

About Thirukadaiyur
thirukadaiyur city located in Nagapattinam and This place historical name is Vilvavanam. Amirthakadeshwarar and abirami temple is very famous temple here, this temple just few meter away from Chennai to Nagapattinam ECR - National Highway Road

Thirukadaiyur​ Temple Schedule and Timings
thirukadaiyur temple pooja timings is morning 06:00 to 12:30. and Evening 04:00 to 08:30

Marriage Starting Timings:-ü  Monday - 05:30 AM (first slot), 07:00 AM (second slot), 09:00AM (third slot)ü  Tuesday- 06:00 AM (first slot), 07:00 AM (second slot), 08:30AM (third slot)ü  Wednesday- 05:30 AM (first slot), 07:00 AM (second slot), 09:00AM (third slot)ü  Thursday- 05:45 AM (first slot), 07:30 AM (second slot), 08:00AM (third slot), 09:00AM (fourth slot)ü  Friday- 06:00 AM (first slot), 07:00 AM (second slot), 08:00AM (third slot), 08:30AM (fourth slot)ü  Saturday- 06:00 AM (first slot), 07:00 AM (second slot), 08:30AM (third slot)ü  Sunday- 06:00 AM (first slot), 07:00 AM (second slot), 08:00AM (third slot), 09:00AM (fourth slot)

Ambal and shiva abishegam timings:-
06:00, 08:30, 12:30,and evening 05:30
Thirukadaiyur​ Travel Guide
Nearest junction:-
ü  Mayiladuthurai - mayiladuthurai to thirukadaiyur travel take 40 minutes
ü  Chidambaram - chidambaram to thirukadaiyur travel take 1.15 hours
ü  Karaikal - Karaikal to thirukadaiyur travel take 30 minutes

Nearest airport
   ü  Chennai - 135 mi - 6 hrsü  Puducherry - 66 mi - 3 hrs ü  Neyveli - 43 mi - 2 hrsü  Trichy - 78 mi - 4 hrs

Nearest bus stand
Thirukadaiyur have National Highway bus stand, so all buses stop here - many direct buses available 
Bus frequency
From Mayiladuthurai - 20 minutes once [ first bus morning 04:30 and last bus 11:00 Pm ]
From Chidambaram - 10 minutes once [ECR]
From Karaikal - 10 minutes once [ECR]
From Puducherry - 1 hrs once
From Chennai - 1.30 hrs once [ECR]
Nearest place to visit
ü  Poompuhar Beach (historical place) - 30 minutes travelü  Danish Fort (open 10:00 Am - close 05:45 pm) -Friday closed - 10 minutes travelü  Sri Thri Nethra Dhasapuja Veera Anjaneyar temple - 5 minutes travelü  Arulmigu Swetharanyeswarar Temple - 30 minutes travel ü  Pichavaram mangrove forest - 1.30 hrs travelü  pazhaiyar beach - 1.30 hrs travelü  Arulmigu Brahmapureeswarar Temple - 40 minutes travelü  Nithyakalyana Perumal Temple, Karaikal - 40 minutesü  karaikal ammaiyar temple - 40 minutes ü  Sri bhadrakali temple ambagarathur - 1 hr travelü  Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram - 1.30 hrs travel
Thirukadaiyur​ Hotels
1Hotel Kanakabhishekam,
2Chella residency,
4Hotel Maniviza,
5Abirami residency,
JR residency are best hotels in thirukadaiyur, view more cottage and hotels visit hotel menu on same site
Thirukadaiyur​ Temple Pooja Cost
thirukadaiyur temple one day marriage cost is 9500 (3 hrs function) - Two day pooja cost is 17000 (Previous day evening 3 hrs & day Morning 3 hrs) - and without homam, kalasa pooja is 2500 - abishegam cost is 2500 (Ambal & Shiva)

Thirukadaiyur​ Temple Perform following Poojas
ü  ugaradha Shanthi (Completion of 59th years)ü  Shastiaptha Poorthi (Beginning of 61st years)ü  Bheema Ratha Shanthi ( 70th Marriage)ü  Vijayaratha Shanthi (75thMarriage)ü  Sadhabishegam (80th Marriage)ü  Roudhri Shanthi (85th Marriage)ü  Kaala Swaroopa Showri Shanti (90th Marriage)ü  Maha Mritthunjaya Shanthi (100th Marriage)ü  Ayush Homams (for long life)
Still have any question you may visit frequently asked question - FAQ